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Bicycles offer a great transportation alternative from traditional modes such as cars. The downside however, is the ability to haul cargo. In your car you're able to haul around just about anything. Of course you would not expect to carry much on a bicycle, and yes, you could carry a backpack, but that adds stress to your shoulders and back. It makes your riding a bit uncomfortable, less enjoyable, and at times can cause you to get sweaty. The goal is to give riders the ability to utilize all features of their Big Cat ® Electric Bicycle and the option to haul around cargo in a way that won't effect your riding experience.

Sunlite offers a rear pannier bag that works perfect on your Big Cat ® E bike rack. It measures 12x15x6" and is perfect for short trips to the beach, grocery store, school, work, and just about anywhere that you may need a little bit of extra space. The added benefit to these bags is that they are made of  premium quality material that is also waterproof. The hooks and bungee straps give you a sturdy fit, and the reflective strip gives you a bit of extra security for night time riding. These popular bags by sunlite are a top seller and great upgrade for your Big Cat ® bike.


pannier bag

Note: Pannier bag in photo may vary in size and design from sunlite | utili-t waterproof rear pannier.

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