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Imagine yourself cruising down the boardwalk at 20mph. The sun is setting, and you just went for a nice swim or caught some big waves down at the beach. You're looking pretty cool in your swimwear, but there is something sticking out like a sore thumb. Thats your shoes. Now your wardrobe is off and you're not getting the full beach biking experience, you're not feeling the cool wind hitting your feet. Why is that? Well I'm sure you know, riding a bicycle barefoot can really hurt sometimes. Bikes have metal pedals with small spikes to help with your grip.

However, those days are over. Sunlite offers riders a great alternative to those bulky pedals. Now you can ride your Big Cat ® Electric Bicycle barefoot without having to sacrifice comfort. Slap a pair of these onto your Big Cat ® E Bike or any kind of bike for a better beach biking experience. These Barefoot pedals by sunlite are made of a one piece construction that have a barefoot friendly rubber surface so they are not too harsh on your feet like traditional pedals would be.

Product Details

  • One-piece resin body
  • Barefoot friendly rubber surface
  • Boron spindle
  • No reflectors
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