Q: What Is An Electric Bicycle or An “E-Bike“?

A: An Electric Bicycle Is Simply A Bicycle Integrated With A Battery Operated, Electric Motor That’s located On The Hub Of The Wheel. E-bikes Come Equipped With “Pedal Assist“, In Which Case Torque Is Delivered From The Motor As You Pedal. They Are Also Equipped With “On Demand Power” Which Is Activated By A Throttle, Similar To A Motorcycle Or A Moped.

Q: How Fast Can These Bicycles Go?

A: By Law Electric Bicycles Are To Be Limited to 20Mph When Propelled By The Motor. Big Cat ® Electric Bicycles Comply With Federal Laws And Are Limited To A Top Speed Of 20Mph, However You May Experience Higher Speeds When Pedaling As The Motor Is Engaged.

Q: Do Electric Bicycles Require Maintenance?

A: Yes, Like Traditional Bicycles, We highly Recommend Taking Your Electric Bicycle To A Local Professional, or Bicycle Mechanic. As Things Like Chain Tightening, Replacement Of Brake Pads, & Brake Tuning Is Necessary, Especially On A E-Bike Because You’ll Be Riding Farther! However Not All Bicycle Shops May Specialize In Electric Bikes, So Be Sure To Call First.

Q: Can I Pedal Without Any Assistance?

A: Yes, Electric Bicycles Can Be Operated Like Traditional Bicycles, However keep In Mind The Difference In Weight Due To The Battery + Motor, You May Experience Some Drag.

Q: Do I Need To Register An Electric Bicycle With The DMV?

A: No, If An Electric Bicycle Is Equipped With An Electric Motor That Is 750W Or Less And Reaches A Top Speed Of 20Mph Or Less, It Is Considered A Regular Bicycle. However Be Sure To Check Your State & Local Laws.

Q: What Kind Of Electric Bicycles Does Big Cat make?

A: Big Cat produces a full line of electric bicycles with throttle and pedal assist. We currently offer Fat Tire Bikes, Cruisers, Commuters, and a folding model. Our bikes are all made to be a fun ride.

Q: Will My Big Cat ® Electric Bicycle Come With A Charger? Or Do I Need To Purchase One Separately?

A: Yes, Your Big Cat ® Electric Bicycle Will Come With A New Lithium-Ion Battery Pack & A Smart Charger.

Q:How Do I Power On The BackLight On My Display?

A: Holding the + button on the controller for a few seconds will power it on. To power off, hold for a few seconds again.

Q: Is Big Cat ® In My City? Where Can I Test Ride One?

A: We have a network of dealers around the country who carry Big Cat Electric Bikes. Check our "Find a dealer" page under the Help section to see if there is a dealer near you!

Q: Why won’t my bike turn on?

A: Make sure that your key is turned all the way to the right and the battery is secure in the bike. The illustration below will help make sure the key is in the right position.

Q: Are Electric Bicycles More Fun To Ride?

A: Yes, We Have Seen First Hand, 99% Of The Time, All Of Our Customers Have A BIG SMILE On Their Faces After Riding A Big Cat ® Electric Bicycle.


Q: What is this screen on my handlebars?

A: The screen is your control panel for your e-bike. It displays your speed, mileage, pedal assist level, as well as time and battery level. View the illustration below for more help.

Q: What do the buttons on my handlebars do?

A: Your handlebars feature your controls to get your Big Cat moving! This is where you will find the power button, pedal assist adjustment, light controls, horn, throttle, and more.

View the diagrams below for more detailed information.



Q: What are all the parts on my Big Cat Electric Bike?

A: Your Big Cat Electric Bike features many of the same components of a traditional bicycle, and parts can be easily replaced or upgraded with traditional bicycle parts. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about upgrades or replacement parts at service@bigcatusa.com


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