Some common questions asked

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How do turn on the headlight?

  • On the LCD control panel, press the power & + (plus) buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Should I let the battery completely drain before recharging it?

  • No. You should not completely discharge the battery before recharging.

How long will it take to get my ebike delivered?

  • When we receive your order, it is processed within 24 hours. Then the bike is built to your specifications. It is assembled and tested for quality assurance. Then it is 20% disassembled, repackaged and shipped to your door. Because of this process, from time of order to delivery is typically 7-12 days.


  • By Law Electric Bicycles Are To Be Limited to 20Mph When Propelled By The Motor. Big Cat ® Electric Bicycles Comply With Federal Laws And Are Limited To A Top Speed Of 20Mph, However You May Experience Higher Speeds When Pedaling As The Motor Is Engaged.


  • Yes, Electric Bicycles Can Be Operated Like Traditional Bicycles, However keep In Mind The Difference In Weight Due To The Battery & Motor, You May Experience Some Drag


  • Yes, Your Big Cat ® Electric Bicycle Will Come With A New Lithium-Ion Battery Pack & A Smart Charger.

I misplaced my user manual. Can i download a new one?

What is the maximum distance that i can ride?

All Big Cat Bikes have Extended Range (up to 35 Miles)
(*Depending on rider, terrain could affect distance)

What are the battery sizes?

13Ah to 21Ah - LG CellsText

Can I buy a bigger battery?

Yes, you can trade in your old one towards new one.Tex

What size is the motor?

A Powerful Bafang True 750 watt.ext

Does Big Cat Offer Pedal Assist and Throttle?

Yes, we have 5-9 levels of pedal assist and Twist throttle.Text

Do Big Cat Bikes Have Keys?

Yes. The key locks the battery in place, so that it cannot be removed. The key also unlocks the battery for easy removal.Text

Do I have to remove the battery to charge?

You can but it's not required.Text

Is the bike heavy?

Depending on the model, they range in weight from 40 to 60 pounds. Text

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Typically 4-5 hours (a fast charger is available with a 2 hour charge time)Text

Do Big Cat Bikes come with chargers?

Yes, a standard charger included Free.Text

Do Big Cat Bikes Come with Lights?

Yes, we believe in bicycle safety at night!Text

How Many years does the battery last?

Typically 2000 to 3000 charges, or about 3-4 years (big cat always has replacement batteries for all models)Text

Can I add GPS tracking to a Big Cat Bike?

Yes, call us 631-285-2298 for options. Text

Are Big Cat Bikes Fun?

They are a blast to ride!!Text

Do I need a license to ride an electric bike?

No, you don't.Text

How difficult is it to assemble?

The bike arrives about 85% assembled. You just need to unpack it, put on the front wheel with the quick release, install and adjust the handle bars and install left and right pedals.Text

Can I have my local bike store fix my big cat bike?

Typically yes. All big cat bikes come with a parts warranty and most bike stores will charge a labor fee. (there are also bike mechanics that will come to your home to do repairs).Text

Do you offer an extended warranty?

Yes. There are 3 year and 5 year extended warranty options available through Velocare.Text

Do you offer financing?

Yes. Financing is offered through Shop Pay. Financing options are offered on the checkout page.Text

How do you ship?

Shipping is provided through FedEX Ground.Text

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, in the United States, except to Hawaii and Alaska.Text

If I have a problem with my Big Cat Bike Can I call you?

Yes, please call us at 631-285-2298 anytime. We are here to help.Text

Can I text you with Questions?

Yes, you can text us at 516-564-2600.Text

What does pre-order mean?

When we sell out of inventory on hand for a specific model, we offer the opportunity to pre-order that item, so that when it comes back into stock, you'll be first in line to receive the product before it is sold out again.xt

Can I customize My Big Cat Bike?

Yes, Just Call us and We'll go over the options with you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, please email us at with your destination address for a shipping quote.Text

Do you have authorized dealers?

Yes, we are building a network of authorized dealers. Call us for a directory.ext

I bought a used Big Cat bike. Can I get parts for it?

Yes, take a picture of a bike and send an email to with what the issue is, or call us at 631-285-2298.Text

Can I Trade in my old Big Cat Electric Bike for a New One?

Yes, just call us at 631-285-2298 Text

What if I need to order replacement Big Cat Parts?

Sure, call us at 631-285-2298 or email us at

Does Big Cat Design all their Bikes?

Yes, we design all our bikes in NY. All of our bikes are designed to meet our strict safety standards and of course to look cool. We also focus on our electric bikes being super powerful and making you feel like a kid again! Text

What if I don't see the question I`m looking for?

Feel free to text us your question at 516-564-2600 or call us 631-285-2298 anytime.Text

Do you offer accessories?

Do you have a "trade in" program?

Yes we do! Please call 631-285-2298 and ask for sales

The throttle stopped working and it's showing error code 24

Please call 631-285-2298 and ask for Service

What's the maximum weight the DLX crossbar adapter for step-thru bikes can hold?

They can hold bikes up to 70 lbs.

i want to go a few teeth smaller on the crank sprocket to make it pedal easier. Can i buy that from you?

Yes. It's an in stock item!Text

Do you make electric bikes for people 6'6"?

Yes, the Big Cat CheetahText

The display stopped working

Please call 631-285-2298 and ask for ServiceText

how far can the khansport edition electric trike xxl go on a single charge?

25 miles