In a nutshell. An Electric Bike is a bicycle that has an electric motor.

However, there are different kinds of electric bicycles. Some may have the motor on the bottom bracket known as a mid-drive, others on the front hub known as a front wheel drive, or on the rear hub known as a rear wheel drive.

Many people believe that an ebike is very different from a regular bike, but it's not. In fact, about 90% of an ebike is identical to a regular bike. 

The main differences would be the motor and battery, which make e-bikes different from traditional bikes because they allow riders to get assistance whenever they need it. 


An electric bicycle works just like any traditional bike.

However, once you begin to pedal, a sensor in the bottom bracket known as the cadence sensor will send a signal to the controller, which will then engage the motor and propel the rider forward. 

There are different modes in which you can operate your ebike. When the motor is turned off, you can ride the bicycle like a regular bike. No assistance will be provided. 

When the motor is turned on, you can choose between 1-9 different levels of pedal assist. The pedal assist function is what gives riders assistance as they are pedaling, the higher the level the more assistance you get. Need the exercise? switch to a lower level to get a more natural experience.  

The other option you have is to use your throttle. Much like a motorcycle or a scooter, an ebike is equipped with a throttle that simply requires you to give it a twist and off you go. Effortless riding whenever you want.


The benefits of electric bicycles can be measured in many ways. see the list below 

  • Assists riders who have joint or muscle pain from injuries 
  • Great for riders with arthritis 
  • Arrive at your destination without being all sweaty 
  • Get an extra push when you need it while riding up hill or a steep terrain 
  • Go further distances
  • Travel at higher speeds (up to 20 mph or more)
  • Get more exercise
  • Reduce stress  

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