Mothers day electric bike gift guide


big cat long beach cruiser electric bike

Our top recommendation is the 2017 Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser 350!

Commonly mistaken as a "Women's Bike" The Long Beach Cruiser 350 is a Unisex Electric bicycle that is fun and easy to use. Contributing to its popularity the step-through aluminum frame design allows riders to get on and off the bike easily without having to swing your legs over the bicycle. The handlebars place the rider in an upright position that is comfortable for long rides and is safer for paying attention to your surroundings. 

Equipped with a front cargo basket and a rear removable rack, the LBC 350 offers great utility for those seeking to haul a few extra things or for a quick ride to the corner grocery store. In addition, the Long beach Cruiser 350 offers an easy to use LCD display/controller which gives riders the ability to unlock the full potential of this ebike. 

Choose between 1-9 different levels of pedal assist. Level 1 offering the least amount of assistance from the motor, and level 9 offering the most assistance, ideal for riding uphill without breaking a sweat! Set your speed limit to the maximum of 20mph, or to a lower setting for safer riding through crowded areas. Get real-time metrics with the Bafang C961 LCD display. See distance traveled, speed, battery life, trip distance, and time.
big cat long beach cruiser electric bike
big cat electric bike

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