Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser 350 On Sale

long beach cruiser electric bike
The Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser 350 electric bike is on sale! This is our top selling ebike for 3 years and counting! More commonly confused for a "women's bike" the long beach cruiser 350 is actually a unisex step-through frame beach cruiser. This design helps riders get on and off the bicycle with ease. Unlike traditional bikes, riders won't have the need to swing their legs over the bike just to get on. This makes for a greater riding experience especially for those who may suffer from joint and muscle pain.
For 2017 The Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser 350 is powered by our efficient yet powerful 350 watts geared rear hub motor that is capable of speeds of up to 20mph. This motor will help riders achieve higher speeds, go longer distances, and climbs hills without breaking a sweat. 
Powered by a 36V10Ah lithium ion battery, the long beach cruiser 350 electric bike is capable of a range of 15-30 miles on a single charge. The range will vary between users, depending on weight, charge, terrain, throttle usage, and weather conditions. A functional rear pannier rack is removable as well as a front metal basket. 
To learn more about the 2017 Long Beach Cruiser 350 click here long beach cruiser 350 electric bike

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