Big Cat Bikes On Peoples Court

Big Cat Bikes was recently on Peoples Court due to a suit that was filed against us by a plaintiff who was having issues with his Hampton Folding electric bike. The bicycle did appear to have several issues, however, upon close inspection, it appeared that the bicycle was used in extreme off-road conditions, which may have been the main cause of all the issues Mr. Ray was having.

Big Cat did its part in honoring the warranty, and going to extra mile to fix the bicycle, ship new components, pay for shipping, pay for labor, and even offer a new bicycle to the plaintiff prior to the suit being made. The plaintiff refused to accept anything and once the suit was made, it made its way to The Peoples Court.

The verdict was in our favor as Mr. Ray failed to provide any sufficient evidence that showed that Big Cat failed to honor its warranty, fix the bicycle, provide replacement parts, and a written warranty. After the show, Vice President of Big Cat USA, David Santos offered a brand new Alley Cat (Hampton folding bike) to Mr. Ray to compensate for his time lost, frustration, travel expenses, and overall experience with our brand. The offer was made to show Mr.Ray that Big Cat did everything it could in its ability to keep Mr. Ray and our customers happy.

We do not wish to shame anyone or give anyone a hard time. We pride ourselves in giving every customer attention to his or her needs and provide excellent customer service anytime!