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Which ebike is right for me?

by Carlos G 21 Feb 2017 0 Comments

Interested in purchasing your first electric bicycle or next ebike, but can't decide which one is right for you? Use these quick tips to qualify yourself to the right E-Bike to ensure you'll get the best experience out of your new Big Cat ® Electric Bicycle.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at 631.285.2298


2017 big cat alley cat electric bike. electric folding bike


The Alley Cat Folding Electric Bike is ideal for:

  • Camping trips, Road trips, Boat trips
  • If you have limited space in your home or apartment
  • If you take public transportation as a supplement to your commute and don't want to worry about hauling around a larger traditional bicycle

The Alley Cat Folding Electric Bike is small enough to accommodate persons as short (respectively) as 4'11 and as tall as 6'4 comfortably. Its Folding Frame, Folding pedals, Folding handlebars & removable battery make it our most versatile Bicycle and one of the most versatile on the market!

alley cat electric bike


2017 big cat fat cat front wheel drive fat bike. electric bike


The Fat Cat is ideal for:

  • Dirt trails, Light mud
  • Beach Cruising, sand
  • Snow and ice
  • The 4" balloon tires give the fat Cat a nice smooth ride on the pavement, making your commute enjoyable
  • The aluminum frame makes and allocation of the battery to the center makes the fat cat one of the lightest and well-balanced bicycles we carry.

fat cat electric bike


wildcat 350 electric bike


The Wildcat 350 is ideal:

  • If you're looking for a traditional mountain bike look and feel
  • Mild dirt trails
  • Great for speed, with its 7 gear set up, aluminum frame and slimmer tires, reaching higher speeds is easy on the ghost rider

The Wildcat 350 is ideal for a taller person, it can accommodate persons between 5'5 - 6'4 comfortably, shorter riders may experience difficulties in getting on or off the bicycle, as well as riding.

wildcat 350 electric bike


2017 big cat long beach cruiser 350 electric bike. electric beach bike, beach cruiser ebike


The Long Beach Cruiser 350 is ideal for:

  • Surfers! skaters! the rear welded pannier rack and front basket make this bike ideal for mounting surfboards and skate boards, as well as carrying things in the basket.
  • Anyone with joint or muscle pain. All electric bikes offer an advantage to anyone with joint or muscle pain but, the long beach cruiser has a Step Through Frame Design which allows riders to get on and off the bike easily
  •  Although the common misconception is that this is a women's bike, the truth is roughly 70% of our customers who have purchased this bike are men.
  • This is still our top selling E-Bike, its great for the beach, great for wine tours and going to the grocery store due to its cargo capabilities

long beach cruiser 350 electric bike

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