What You Should Know About Riding Your E-Bike by the Ocean

What You Should Know About Riding Your E-Bike by the Ocean

E-bikes have revolutionized the way we ride bikes. That’s the cool thing about it: You can still bike every day, whether you’re at home or on vacation at the beach. While it’s always necessary to take some precautions when you’re biking, biking at the beach with an e-bike comes with some extra challenges. Learning how to navigate these challenges allows you to enjoy your time on your e-bike without succumbing to the pitfalls. 

They May Need More Upkeep

Some of the e-bike’s advantages can turn into disadvantages. Riding near the beach and in the salty air counts as one of those times. In general, e-bikes are going to require a bit more upkeep due to the fact that they have a motor. Saltwater can cause corrosion, and sand can get into the gears of your bike.

Before you take your e-bike to the beach, do be sure to visit a bike shop and get up to speed on how to take care of it. Learning how to troubleshoot the possible problems you could run into while riding on the beach will keep your tires on the sand and the wind in your hair. 

The Sun Can Be Rough

This isn’t only an issue with those who are riding e-bikes. The sun can be brutal on “regular” cyclists and pedestrians, too, for that matter. Just like if you're going to the beach, you need to follow some basic safety practices. First, you need to stay hydrated. That means that you need to bring a water bottle along with you when you take your e-bike out for a spin on the beach. Second, you want to protect your skin by wearing a hat and slathering on sunscreen.

Finally, avoid overdoing it. The sun is more powerful at the beach because the water and sand reflect the sun’s rays, which can cause sunburn and heat exhaustion a lot more quickly. If you’re feeling hot and fatigued, then stop riding for a while and cool down. 

Theft Prevention

With the costs of an e-bike ranging from $1,200 to $6,500, the last thing you want to do is lose it to theft, and at an open space like the beach, your bike is going to be exposed to at least a few people who might want to take it off your hands. That being the case, make sure you find a place at the beach where you can lock up your bike. It’s even better if you can find a bike locker.

If you have to park it outside, then leave it somewhere that is lit up like a Christmas tree. You also want to look for a place that has security cameras. Finally, make sure you invest in a good lock. Your run-of-the-mill bike lock might not be enough to deter the most determined thief.

Riding an e-bike on the beach is a real rush. You can feel the ocean air in your hair and can navigate even the toughest sand dunes with a lot more ease. However, riding near the ocean has its drawbacks. From upkeep to theft, e-bikes come with some special challenges. The way to avoid these challenges is to be prepared for them before they happen.

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