what is classified ad an ebike?

What is classified as an e-bike?

An interesting article was released By The League Of American Bicyclists. The Organization asked their members and followers throughout other social media outlets their thoughts about electric bikes, and they received a whopping 700+ responses. Here are some of the results



Where does Big Cat® Stand in this list? I would classify us under #1 or "Classic E-Bike with pedal assist" although we have options with the throttle as well so that would also give us the number 2 spot. I think it's safe to say that regardless, Big Cat ® Electric Bicycles are more of a traditional Bicycle offering with the added benefits of an electric Motor. A premium entry level offering, and still has the capabilities to be modified as a traditional bicycle would.

A lot of people get scared or discouraged when they hear the term "E-Bike" or "electric bike" but the truth is these bikes are just plain amazing!

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