Uber’s JUMP, an electric bike share service, launches in Atlanta, GA

Uber’s JUMP, an electric bike share service, launches in Atlanta, GA

UBER, a popular ride sharing company with over 100 Million worldwide users, 1 million drivers and available in over 300 cities, launches a new Electric bike sharing program in Atlanta, GA. This program is not Uber’s introduction to the electric vehicle market in Atlanta, as it already has rolled out a fleet of electric scooters that compete with companies like Lime, Lyft, and Byrd. 

This will add to the already growing electric vehicle market not only in Atlanta, but in major cities around the United States, and the world. As more and more companies enter the Electric vehicle market, state and local governments are creating new infrastructure, laws and regulations to safely govern riders, pedestrians and drivers alike. 

Not only will this benefit the commercial electric vehicle market, but this also means that the laws, regulations and better infrastructure directly benefit the electric bicycle market on a consumer level. Meaning you as an electric bike owner, future or present, will eventually have more access to safer bicycle lanes. 

Hurry! from now until Jan 27th customers can ride for free for 15min, and regular pricing will be $1 to start and .10$ a minute thereafter. Special pricing packages will be available as well. A perfect way to get a look and feel for electric bikes before getting your very own Big Cat Electric Bicycle :) 

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