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Racks & Pannier Bags

What are Pannier racks and bags? How are they beneficial to bike riders? where can I buy one? 

Pannier bags are containers, bags, or baskets that mount onto pannier racks. They are extremely beneficial for riders who are seeking to get a bit more utility from their bicycle and have a need for hauling around extra gear, groceries, tools etc... There are a range of different types of pannier racks and bags that are available to fit your needs and budget. 

Fortunately, most Big Cat Electric Bicycles come standard with pannier racks bolted on and can be removed when needed. ebikes are a great mode of transportation for riders who need to go the extra mile, are faced with many hills in their regular routes, want to go faster, looking to save money by using a car less, or for leisure. With that in mind many riders find themselves using electric bikes more than a traditional bike. The result is that ebike riders want to get the most out of their electric bikes and cargo is definitely a concern for most. 

Most electric bikes for sale do not offer baskets, racks, or large cargo trunks which reduces the ability for riders to haul things around. The good thing is that finding the right pannier bag and rack is reasonably easy. It pretty much all depends on how much cargo space you're going to utilize. For a listing of the aftermarket pannier rack and accessories that Bigcatbikes.com offers that works with Big Cat ebikes click here ebikes for sale


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