big cat long beach cruiser 350 electric bike with lock

Protecting your investment! 

So you just bought a cool new e- bike? worried about theft?


Invest In A Lock:

  • Cable Locks are the most common locks on the market, however, U-Locks tend to provide much better security. If possible, invest in two locks!
  • Always lock your Bike even when it is at home, more bicycle thefts occur at home than any other place
  • Never lock your bike to aluminum posts, chain link fences, small trees or wooden posts, they are easy to break!

Electric Bike? Keys?

  • some of the most common mistakes E-bike owners experience with Batteries that require the keys to be on the battery during operation is that they leave the keys on the battery at all times, even when they leave the bicycle unattended.  This is a bad thing for 2 reasons, 1. if you lose those keys, along with your spare, you will have to have a new set of keys made. and that's if you're able to find a locksmith that makes them, we do not keep a copy. 2. if a thief walks by and sees this, he can easily steal the bicycle or the battery, and batteries can range up to 350$ or more.

GPS or Tracking Device:

  • Adding a GPS tracking device does not sound like such a bad idea, and depending on what you decide to go with, there are affordable options and some that are a bit more expensive.
  • TheTileApp - Tile is a small Golf ball size tile that has a Bluetooth signal of up to 100ft. The Tile app syncs the Tile to your phone and lets you know where your tile is, it even makes a sound so you know when you're close. The app even allows you to set up a search party, which sends a signal to any tile app users in the area, the users can then send you a message or update about the location. It is tiny enough to place almost anywhere. 1 Tile costs about 25$ and the Tile App can communicate with about 8 different tiles.
  • Kryptonite Lock - Kryptonite is a device that works very similar to "Lojack",

"Kryptonite’s RealTime, a GPS-based security and locating system, offers peace of mind for motorcycle owners. Employing the same satellite technology used by most navigation systems, RealTime utilizes a web-based control panel to instantly and accurately locate your motorcycle from any web-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet. In addition to providing a map and street address (where available) for the location of the vehicle, the RealTime control panel lets users access optional features such as low battery warning and text or email security alerts.

  • Compact and discreet
  • Water resistant shell protects internals
  • Sleep mode - lower battery drain
  • Ties into any onboard alarm system
  • Simple, uncomplicated control panel
  • Easy for dealer to install and configure (dealer installation recommended)
  • Internal Extended Backup Battery
  • Register and activate product instantly online "

Register Your Bike or e bike:

  • Registering your bicycle with your local precinct, sheriff's office or national bicycle registry organization can help protect your bicycle from being resold by thieves.
  • Register with your bicycles serial numbers. Serial numbers are typically found on the bottom bracket or where  the top tube and down tube intercept, right above the front fork
  • if your bike gets stolen and is taken to an auction or pawn shop.... typically these resellers will check with local authorities and bicycle registration organizations to make sure this bicycle is clear of any thefts and if it is not, the bicycle has a higher chance of being returned to you before its too late.
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