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Prepping your Ebike for the summer

Ebike Summer Riding Tips

Summer is finally here and while most of you have already started riding your ebikes, some of you have yet to get started. To make any bike ride a comfortable and safe ride we want to give you a few tips that you can use to ensure your bicycle is ready for this biking season. Because Big Cat ebikes operate just like traditional bikes these tips will come in handy and can be used with regular bikes as well. 

1. Adjust your Seat/Seatpost

Make sure your seat is set to a comfortable riding level. Always make sure that your seat post does not pass the safety level that is marked on the seat post. A loose seat or a seat that is set to an unsafe level can snap off, or fall off during your ride, which in turn can knock you off your ebike. If the seat cannot be adjusted to a high enough level for your height, check with your local bike shop to find a long seat post that can be swapped for added safety and comfort. 

2. Adjust your handlebars

Like other components on your Big Cat electric bike or regular bike, your handlebars may be adjustable. Once you've properly adjusted your seat to a comfortable and safe level, sit on the ebike and adjust the height and position of the handlebars to your liking. Do not adjust the handlebars in a position where they will be too close to your knees. 

3. Check your chain 

Apply tension to the top of the chain by using your fingers. Your chain should not move more than 1/2". If it does it will need to be tightened. Because your ebike has a rear hub motor we recommend having your chain tightened by a professional. wash and dry thoroughly, before applying a dry lubricant. Avoid using WD-40!

4. Check Tire Pressure 

Tire pressure will vary between different tire sizes and riding styles or conditions. Refer to your tire's sidewall for recommended pressure. Have a properly inflated tire will ensure safety and efficiency of your ebike. 

5. Battery

Make sure your battery is fully charged before long rides. Check to make sure the battery is properly locked in place. Avoid riding in the rain for extended periods or taking your bike for a swim! Remember extreme hot and cold weather conditions will affect the performance of your battery and will affect range. 

6. Check your brakes

If you're having trouble stopping, you hear loud squeaking sounds, or you have harsh vibration. It may be time to change your brake pads, you may have rust built up on the rotors or one of your rotors may be bent. We recommend having a professional tune your brakes for safety! 

These are all tips that can ensure a much safer ride this biking season. However, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help from your favorite or local bike shop for the best results! 

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