Lithium Battery Longevity Tips

1. The battery will have a charge straight from the factory. When riding for the first time, it is best to fully charge the battery. First, since the discharge of the lithium battery will be reduced by self-discharge, two will activate the active substance. It

2. Do not exhaust battery power every time you ride, because the Long-term excessive discharge is very harmful to the lithium battery. Over time fully discharging the battery, can reduce battery life by up to 3 times faster. When possible, when the electric vehicle has low power indication, Stop cycling and charge the battery

3. Do not overcharge, and stop charging when the charging indicator light is green.  It is recommended to use a timer to on your outlet to avoid over charging. 

If the battery is not used for a long time, it must be charged in 60~90 days, because the best storage state of the lithium battery is half electric storage (that is, between the battery nominal capacity of 40%~60%. "

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