King meter KM-529

King meter KM-529

Big Cat is now offering the King Meter KM-529 LCD display/ controller on its summer 2017 lineup. This model will replace the Bafang C961 LCD Display/ Controller found on our previous ebikes. 

The functionality of the King meter KM-529 will not affect the performance and utility of any Big Cat ebike. Riders will still have the ability to see: 

  • Total distance traveled 
  • Trip distance
  • Speed
  • Max speed 
  • Average speed
  • Battery life
  • Current
  • Pedal Assist Level 

The benefit of having such LCD displays/controllers is that it allows riders to modify the performance of the electric bicycle to their personal needs. Whether you're trying to set a higher or lower speed limit, control your level of assistance, or monitor your battery life, These Interfaces do a great job at enhancing your electric bike experience. 

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Trying to purchase the King Meter KM 529. But site is not allowing me to ?

Eric Brandon

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