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Frequently asked questions 

by Carlos G 24 Nov 2016 0 Comments

Q: What Kind Of Electric Bicycles Does Bigcatbikes.Com Carry?

A: is an Authorized Dealer For Big Cat ® Electric Bicycles, At The Moment We Are Only Carrying Electric Bicycles By, Big Cat ®.

Q: What Is An Electric Bicycle or An “E-Bike“?

A: An Electric Bicycle Is Simply A Bicycle Integrated With A Battery Operated, Electric Motor That’s located On The Hub Of The Wheel. E-bikes Come Equipped With “Pedal Assist“, In Which Case Torque Is Delivered From The Motor As You Pedal. They Are Also Equipped With “On Demand Power” Which Is Activated By A Throttle, Similar To A Motorcycle Or A Moped.

Q: Will My Big Cat ® Electric Bicycle Come With A Charger? Or Do I Need To Purchase One Separately?

A: Yes, Your Big Cat ® Electric Bicycle Will Come With A New Lithium-Ion Battery Pack & A Smart Charger.

Q: How Fast Can These Bicycles Go?

A: By Law Electric Bicycles Are To Be Limited to 20Mph When Propelled By The Motor. Big Cat ® Electric Bicycles Comply With Federal Laws And Are Limited To A Top Speed Of 20Mph, However You May Experience Higher Speeds When Pedaling As The Motor Is Engaged.

Q: Do I Need To Register An Electric Bicycle With The DMV?

A: No, If An Electric Bicycle Is Equipped With An Electric Motor That Is 750W Or Less And Reaches A Top Speed Of 20Mph Or Less, It Is Considered A Regular Bicycle. However Be Sure To Check Your State & Local Laws.

Q: Do Electric Bicycles Require Maintenance?

A: Yes, Like Traditional Bicycles, We highly Recommend Taking Your Electric Bicycle To A Local Professional, or Bicycle Mechanic. As Things Like Chain Tightening, Replacement Of Brake Pads, & Brake Tuning Is Necessary, Especially On An E-Bike Because You’ll Be Riding Farther! However Not All Bicycle Shops May Specialize In Electric Bikes, So Be Sure To Call First.

Q: Can I Customize My Big Cat ® Bike?

A: Yes, Big Cat ® Offers A Variety Of Accessories & Wheel Colors, Be Sure To Contact Us For More Info.

Q: Is Big Cat ® In My City? Where Can I Test Ride One?

A: Is Located At 1180-10 Lincoln Ave, Holbrook, New York 11741. Test Rides Are Available At This Location, However, Big Cat ® Is A National Distributor And Has many Authorized Dealers Across The United States, If Your City Is Not Listed, We Can Assure You It Will Be Soon!

Q: Can I Pedal Without Any Assistance?

A: Yes, Electric Bicycles Can Be Operated Like Traditional Bicycles, However, keep In Mind The Difference In Weight Due To The Battery + Motor, You May Experience Some Drag.

Q: Are Electric Bicycles More Fun To Ride?

A: Yes, We Have Seen First Hand, 99% Of The Time, All Of Our Customers Have A BIG SMILE On Their Faces After Riding A Big Cat ® Electric Bicycle.

Q: Do The Bicycles Have Pedal Assist?

A: Yes! Pedal Assist Is A Standard feature On All Of Our Models. Pedal Assist Functions Can Range From 6 - 12 Magnet Cadence Sensors, to L.E.D or LCD Displays, or  3 - 5 Level Pedal Assist Controllers.

Q: What Is The Weight Of An Electric Bicycle? 

A: Big Cat ® Electric Bicycles Can Range From 50 - 61lbs In Weight, Depending On The Model. This Is Primarily because Of The Battery, Motor, Controller, And Wiring.

Q: Do You Carry A Fat Bike?

A: Of Course We Do! The Big Cat ® Fat Cat & The Big Cat ® Fat Cat XL Are Both Electric Fat Bikes By, Big Cat ® -

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