Enjoy the Ride: How to Stay Safe on Your Electric Bike

Enjoy the Ride: How to Stay Safe on Your Electric Bike

Over the years, the popularity of electric bikes has risen greatly among the public. Not only are they a great way to get around town, but they're also less expensive than a car and less dangerous than a traditional motorcycle. However, new riders must get to know not only how to ride their electric bikes but also how to do so safely. The list below contains some of the best tips to keeping yourself and the public safe the next time you hit the road with your electric bike.

Wear the Right Gear

Don't let the word "bike" fool you; these things can go up to speeds of 20 to 28 miles per hour. Therefore, any spill you may have can leave you with some serious or even fatal injuries. Electric bike users should wear the right protective gear when cycling around town. Good gear includes the right size helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads, as well as a reflective vest for night riders. Want to go above and beyond? Try adding reflectors to your tires if possible or a heavy-duty flashlight to the front of your bike for when you're riding at night or caught in a sudden fog.

Follow the Rules

Many people debate the category of vehicles that electric bikes should be placed in. Some say that they strictly belong on the streets while others state that they should be treated the same as regular bicycles, which can be ridden both on a street and in a bike lane. Nevertheless, you must always adhere to the rules of your local county, state or government regarding electric bikes. When it comes to etiquette, a few things must be kept in mind. An important rule to follow when riding your e-bike is to use proper hand signals in order to help drivers know the direction you're going.

Brake Earlier

The misconception surrounding electric bikes is that they are like regular bicycles just with a little more punch. While electric bikes do look similar to a traditional bicycle, they are not the same in terms of speed. As stated above, electric bikes can reach speeds of over 28 miles per hour. This speed, alongside a person's unfamiliarity, can conflict with their sense of braking. Thus, it is recommended to begin braking sooner before reaching areas such as crosswalks than you would on a traditional bike.

Electric bikes have become extremely popular over the years and rightfully so. They provide people with a means of transportation at lower costs and are great for the environment. However, before you set off onto town, make sure that you deal with any safety concerns.

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