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Electric Fat Bike Battery Range Review


Video sent in by Robert Robinson in the New England Area. Robert recently submitted a video showing an in depth review of both his and his wife's Big Cat Ebikes. One of them being the 2017 Big Cat Fat Cat XL 500, electric fat bike, and the other being a 2017 Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser XL 500, electric beach cruiser fat bike. 

Robert created a new video where he wanted to demonstrate the range of his Big Cat Fat Cat XL 500, on a full charge, and only using the throttle. He was able to get a little over 13 miles given the conditions he was riding in. 

To watch the full 47 minute video scroll to the bottom. 


  • 48V12Ah Lithium-Ion 
  • 15-30 Mile Range 
  • Up To 1500 Charge Cycles 
  • 4-6 Hour Charge time
  • 8-11 lbs 

2018 Big Cat Electric Bicycle models house a 48V12Ah lithium ion battery pack. The battery pack is both removable and rechargeable. All purchases of a Big Cat Electric Bicycle made via Bigcatbikes.com come with a home wall adapter charger. This allows riders to charge the battery pack in the convenience of their own home, or place of work. 

Not all riders will experience the same range with their Big Cat Ebikes. There are many factors that can either positively or negatively affect the performance of your battery pack. some of the factors may include but are not limited to: 

  • Weather conditions 
  • Terrain (Uphill, downhill, flat etc...)
  • Function Use (Pedal Assist, Throttle, Combination of PAS + Throttle) 
  • Rider Settings (Choosing between 1-9 different levels of pedal assist)
  • Rider Weight 
  • Cargo Weight
  • Tire Pressure
  • Battery Life (Riding on a full charge vs. half charge) 

It is important to take factors such as these into consideration when planning your trip or daily commute on your ebike. Always be sure to wear a helmet, reflective gear, and carry your charger with you if you plan on riding for extended periods. 

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