electric bike sales growth

Electric bikes sold at a rate 70 times higher than electric cars in 2015

There were an estimated 500,000 electric cars sold in the year of 2015. Within that same period, an estimated 35,000,000 electric bikes were sold. Yes, that is 6 zeros, which makes that 35 Million units. That number represents all the electric bicycles sold on a global scale which also shows that the number of e-bikes sold was 70 times higher than that of electric bikes. This report was conducted by Electric Bike World Report.

The authors of the report state that there are an estimated 200 million electric bikes on the road today. That number can jump to  2 billion by 2050. Interestingly enough the report always states that the off-road segment is that fastest growing segment in the electric bicycle industry. That accounts for bicycles such as electric fat tire bikes like the Big Cat Fat Cat XL.

electric bike growth

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