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Electric Bike Don'ts

Lately, we have been hearing a lot of stories from customers or friends of customers who have been doing some things on their electric bikes that they shouldn't be doing. We decided to make a small list of things you shouldn't do on your Big Cat Electric bike!

  1. Don't sit on the bike while it's on the kickstand:

The kick stand on your bicycle is designed to hold the bicycle upright and keep it from falling. Chances are, and we know this for a fact that most kickstands (unless you have a heavy duty one) will not withstand the weight of the bicycle as well as yours at the same time. This could lead to a bent kickstand, a broken kickstand, and the kickstand will not be able to hold the bike up any longer and cause your bike to fall over. Thus scratching or denting the e bike.


2. Don't leave your keys on your battery:

If you're out and about in public and you have to lock up your bike don't leave your keys on the bike. Some of our electric bikes come with keys to unlock the battery. Often in times the keys need to be in the battery in order for the electric bike to operate. In Other cases, riders will leave the keys on  just for convenience. However, if you leave your keys on the battery and leave the bike unattended, chances are the battery will get stolen. If they can't steal the bike but they could steal the battery you're at a big loss either way because batteries can go upwards of $289.00.

3. Don't store your bike outdoors:

Storing your bike outdoors is never a good thing. There are a lot of metal components that if exposed to extreme weather conditions can begin to oxidate. Batteries can be damaged.

4. Don't overcharge your battery:

Although the chargers we provide and most manufacturers of products that contain lithium ion batteries are smart charges which stop charging after the battery is full. It's never a good idea to leave the battery on the charger for longer than specified in your owners manual. Big Cat ® Electric Bicycles recommend no more than 6 hours

5. Don't do stunts on your electric bike:

Unless you're riding a bicycle that is designed specifically for extreme off-road conditions and stunts, we highly recommend not to perform any major jumps or stunts on your Big Cat ® electric bike. This can cause the wheels to bend, the fork to bend, tires to explode or even cause injuries.

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