big cat fat cat electric bike with cruiser handle bars

Electric bike cruiser handle bars

In case you're wondering how comfortable the 2017 Big Cat Fat Cat is, it's pretty comfortable considering it has 4" fat tires that are perfect for almost any terrain and provide a bit of extra cushion and the seat is adjustable to accommodate a variety of riders heights. However, some riders are not too excited about the traditional handlebars because they have to lean in slightly. If this is something that may concern you we have a solution.

Beach cruiser style handlebars are available as a custom option. The beach cruiser handlebars will allow riders to sit upright which will reduce the amount of strain on your back, thus allowing riders the ability to ride their ebike further distances without taking breaks. It is important to keep in mind that the change in handlebars may affect your riding style and overall maneuverability of the bicycle in various terrains. Beach cruiser handle bars are not recommended for use on dirt trails but mainly on road or beach terrains.

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