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Electric Bicycles At Burning Man

What Is Burning Man? 

In a nutshell. Burning man is an annual gathering that is held in Black Rock City, Nevada. It began in Baker Beach, San Francisco in 1986 by a small group of friends. It's a gathering that places emphasis on principles such as "self-expression, community, and civic responsibility" to name a few. Every year tens of thousands of people flock to Black Rock City to celebrate arts, music, and self-expression. 

Bicycles At Burning Man

Are there bicycles at Burning Man? Yes! and lots of them. It is highly recommended that attendees of this annual gathering have a bicycle with them. It is a crucial and beneficial part of their participation, and overall transportation while in Black Rock City. Bicycles have become part of the Burning Man culture and have provided a way for many people to express themselves, move around more efficiently, and enhance their overall experience.

Recommendations for bicycles at Burning Man

  • Your bicycle will get dirty. Plan for maintenance when you return home
  • The use of wider tires on the desert terrain is highly recommended for better traction
  • Bring lubrication for your chain
  • Get wacky. Decorate your bike, let your imagination run wild 
  • Use a light! it'll be safer for the night time, and will look cool 
  • Bring your own tools, spare tubes, and anything in between 
  • Bring a bike Lock! or two. 
  • Plan for departure. Do not leave the bicycle behind 

Electric bikes at Burning Man 

Electric bikes offer all of the benefits that a traditional bike would but they give you the ability to ride further, faster, and all with little to no effort. Electric bicycles at Burning man are growing in popularity every year. Imagine yourself zipping around the desert at speeds of over 20 mph getting you to multiple destinations faster. 

Below are our top selling ebikes for Burning Man

2017 Big Cat Fat Cat XL 500 
2017 Big Cat fat cat xl 500 electric fat bike
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2017 Big Cat Fat Cat 350 

2017 big cat fat cat electric fat bike ebike

2017 big cat fat cat electric fat bike ebike

2017 Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser XL 500

2017 big cat long beach cruiser xl 500 electric fat bike ebike

2017 big cat long beach cruiser xl 500 electric fat bike ebike


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