E-Bikes Are Better Than Motorcycles—Here's Why

E-Bikes Are Better Than Motorcycles—Here's Why

In recent years, alternative styles of transportation have been introduced to society. First was the overwhelming introduction of the pay-to-ride electric scooter that you can find in most larger cities. This not only cut down on costs, but it helped the environment.

Today's newest invention is not only green, but it is something that everyone can own rather than renting. Lately, e-bikes have become more popular than the standard motorcycle, and here's why.

E-Bikes Encourage Exercise

A common question about e-bikes is, how do they work? An e-bike functions, essentially, just like a regular bike with pedals. This encourages exercise among the public because not only do you have to pedal to get the motor going, but you can always choose to switch to pedaling as well.

An additional benefit of the e-bike is its many settings. Want the bike to do all the work? No problem. You can let the motor do all the work. Want to have some control over it? By dialing up or down the pedaling assistance, you can do just that.

Lower Risk of Injury

One of the benefits of owning an e-bike is that most of the rules and regulations concerning regular bikes are the same. Since e-bikes don't go as fast, they do not pose any risk to other riders in the bike lane and, thus, are allowed by many city and state governments.

In addition, you can also choose to go on the roads if you feel safe enough to do so as the e-bike can easily get up to 15.5 miles per hour at its top speed. Understandably, many choose to purchase an e-bike due to wanting a fast form of transportation without having to risk their safety on the roads. Motorcycle injuries, particularly TBIs, can cause permanent disability.

Lower Maintenance and Repair Cost

One of the best things about an e-bike is that most of its parts are incredibly similar to those that you would find on a regular bike. This means that required upkeep, such as maintenance, servicing, and repairs, can be completed within a short period of time and with very little cost to the owner. Have you found yourself stuck on the road needing a part?

An additional benefit to the e-bike is that you can essentially take it anywhere to get it fixed even if the storekeeper isn't an expert in e-bikes. However, if anything goes wrong with the electric components of your e-bike, you might have to consult with an e-bike professional. However, even with that small issue, it is still vastly cheaper to maintain an e-bike than a traditional motorcycle.

Great innovations in transportation have become more frequent in society as well as a lot more affordable. These advancements have led consumers to seek alternative forms of transportation, such as the e-bike. This unique way to get around gives the rider the option of pedaling on his or her own power, relying on the electric motor or both.

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6’1" 330 lbs 68 years old, heart patient looking to be a little more active but not kill myself doing it. Moving to Myrtle Beach mostly flat area I believe. Which e bike is for me.

Michael Anthony Aiello

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