big cat ebike disc brakes

Don't forget to change your brake pads!

It's still cold outside but the warm weather is around the corner. That means more riders will be on the road, including yourself. As a precaution, we highly recommend that you check your brake pads before getting on the road again. All-Big Cat electric bicycles come standard with a Mechanical disc brake system, and like all cars on the road, they require that you change the brake pads. 

A mechanical disc brake system is operated by cables, a caliper, a disc brake, and a ceramic brake pad. Very similar to a brake system that is found on cars. There are other braking systems such as the V-brake which uses rubber stops, and a hydraulic system that uses fluid to apply pressure to the caliper and engage the brakes. 

The mechanical disc brake system is seen to be more reliable in the fact that it is more serviceable in the event of a breakdown. Whereas hydraulic systems may experience cuts or holes in the tubes that can cause leaks in the system. However, Hydraulic systems are more powerful and provide greater stopping power over mechanical and V-brake setups. 

But don't let that discourage you. Mechanical disc brake set ups still provide sufficient stopping power. Also, brake pads do not need to be replaced all the time. It all depends on your usage but considering that ebikes give you the ability to ride longer distances we highly recommend visiting your local bike shop professional to check your brake pads on your electric bike before you get back on the road! 

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