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"I don't know if you remember me but I sent in a picture in the past which you used on your blog and I just wanted to send another because I am such a happy customer! It's been a couple years. I waited almost a year by the way for my bike to show up but it was worth it! What I wanted to say was some people think it's cheating to have an e-bike and I think it's terrible that people think that.

It's not that I'm not doing anything, I'm still pedaling it's just when it gets a difficult it's like my bike can sense it and it kicks in and gives me assistance and the throttle is really nice too so when I'm ready to go forward from a stop I get that little kick start especially when you're at a stop light and there's traffic you need to hurry up and cross the street.

When it's clear, with the throttle, there's no dilly dally and sometimes if I'm going up a steep incline and my assistance just isn't enough and it's obvious that I'm not going to make it then I'll use the throttle just to get me that little umph to get up the hill but I still pedal!!

It's still a workout for me it just enables me to be able to ride bike with my very athletic mountain biker boyfriend LOL πŸ’•I have multiple sclerosis and a total hip replacement. It truly has given back a part of my life that I thought I had lost so it's not a cushy ride with no effort, it's still a effort, just with a little help😁 I love my bike!!!! ❀ Just wanted you to know and to say thanks again, Jan Smith"

Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser XL

big cat long beach cruiser xl 500

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