Can You Take Your Hearing Aids With You on Your Bike Ride?

Can You Take Your Hearing Aids With You on Your Bike Ride?

Depending on the cause of your hearing loss, learning to exercise with these useful tools in place can be a challenge. If you like to hit it hard and sweat a lot, your hearing aids may be uncomfortable. However, for your safety and enjoyment, it's a good idea to learn to work out with your hearing aids in place. If you're a senior with a hearing aid who is looking forward to riding an ebike, check out these tips.

Why You Need Them

No matter your sport of choice, being able to hear those around you will be helpful. If you're a walker, jogger, or e-cyclist, being able to pick up traffic sounds and sirens can keep you safe. Finally, if you're new to exercising, you'll find that the chances to socialize are much better if you can hear what's going on around you.

Don't Lose Them

For those who sweat a lot, hearing aids can become loose and start to slide around, putting you at risk of losing them. Consult your physician if your hearing aids are consistently loose to get them properly fitted to save you this worry. You want them to fit comfortably but snugly. Depending on the kind of hearing aid, you might find some more comfortable than others. If you're really worried about losing them, invest in a carrying case you can keep in your gym bag to protect them from loss and moisture.

Keep Them Clean

There are accessories, such as hearing aid sleeves, to help you keep your hearing aids in place during your workout. These are especially important if you engage in a bouncy activity, such as jogging or trampoline workouts, or if you enjoy team sports, like basketball, soccer or rugby. Ebike riders may appreciate having a hearing aid sleeve because it prevents the loss of a hearing aid somewhere out on the road and having to backtrack trying to find it. After your workout, be sure to use a cleaning kit and compressed air to clear your hearing aids of debris and moisture. If moisture is allowed to build up inside your hearing aid, it can impact the electronics inside these critical tools and may lead to mold growth. 

Hearing aids can completely change your athletic experience. Your teammates, fellow exercisers, cars and emergency vehicles can all become very present once you can hear effectively. While working out in hearing aids will take some adjustment, the effort is completely worth your time.

Riding an e-bike is as easy as...well, riding a bike. Make the conversion today!
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