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Breaking it down: What Big Cat Bikes are made of

by Carlos G 30 Jan 2019 0 Comments
The Big Cat Electric Bicycles story has its roots in a compassionate response to help others. Vincent Gebbia, the company’s CEO and Founder, wanted to help his mother to get more exercise and overcome a knee injury. Inspired by the e-bikes he’d seen during business trips to Asia, Gebbia went to work creating a pedal assist, electric powered bicycle to help his mother regain her confidence and freedom, and improve her level of physical activity and mobility.

Since then, Big Cat USA has rapidly grown into a premium electric bike company. The company’s e-bikes are ideal for all levels of riders and are available in a wide range of designs, colors, styles, and models. Our goal is to offer a Premium Electric Bike, without the Premium cost!

Big Cat designs its eBikes in Long Island, New York and Manufactures overseas in Asia. With the consumer in mind, Big Cat strives to provide premium components on its electric bicycles that are well known in the cycling industry and can be found on many other well-known brands around the world. With this article, we hope to provide a better look into "What Big Cat Ebikes are made of".


Aluminum Alloy 6061 Frame.


All-Big Cat Electric Bicycles come standard with 48V Lithium-ion battery pack configurations. Either 10Ah or more commonly a 12Ah configuration. The battery packs found on Big Cat eBikes are removable and can be charged on or off the bike. The removable pack allows riders to remove the battery when the bicycle is not in use, for example after you've reached your destination or during cold and rainy seasons in which you normally don't ride.

Your Battery pack will include a smart charger that stops charging once the battery is fully charged. This ensures that your battery isn't overcharged and would increase the life of the battery pack. To achieve a full charge, the average charge time can be between 3-5 hours depending on charge level prior to charging. For an additional cost, a fast charger can be purchased.

Your battery pack will also come standard with a 1-year manufacturer warranty that protects from any factory defects. Please keep in mind that opening your battery pack or tampering with your pack may void your warranty. Please consult with your local ebike expert or contact us at 631.285.2298 for any questions about your Ebike battery.


All-Big Cat Electric Bicycles are equipped with a Bafang BF RMG06 500-Watt geared rear hub motor. This motor is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20mph or more depending on riding conditions. The Bafang 8Fun BF RMG06 is a premium offering that is found on many electric bicycles in the market today.

It is best known for its performance and reliability. Bafang is a well-known company in the electric vehicle market and has its roots in the Electric Bike market since the early 2000s. Producing various products from hub motors, mid-drive motors, LCD displays, batteries, and sensors Bafang is a key player in the ebike world.



7 or 6 speed Shimano Derailleurs can be found on all Big Cat Models. The Derailleur, or drivetrain set up allows riders to tackle various terrains with ease, allowing for a more pleasurable riding experience.

Shimano was founded in 1921 in Japan and is a multinational company that specializes in bicycle components, snowboarding equipment, fishing tackle, golf equipment and much more. Shimano is responsible for producing roughly 50% of the worlds bicycle components. Best known for its performance, reliability, and quality.


If you're on an eBike, chances are you're going to be riding a whole lot faster, getting to your destination faster, going up and down hills, exploring a lot more. However, you'll eventually have to "stop!". Big Cat eBikes come standard with 180mm Mechanical disc brakes. A better option over the more traditional V-brake configuration.

V-Brakes are rubber stops that, when engaged apply pressure to the wheel to bring you to a stop. Mechanical disc brakes are mounted to the hub of the wheel and are very similar to the disc brakes on your car. They have brake pads, calipers, disc, brake lines, etc... They provide greater stopping power and increase safety.
Tektro, a company that was founded in 1986 is a well-recognized brand that has been producing high-quality braking systems that increase both performance and safety. Standard on all Big Cat Ebikes.


The idea of simply riding your bike is wonderful, and we love to do that as well. However, we feel that it is equally important to be able to utilize your bicycle to its full potential. Which is why some Big Cat models are equipped with Removable pannier racks, and mounted front baskets.

Riders will be able to enjoy the great outdoors with their furry little friends riding in the front basket, having extra cargo space to haul beach gear, mount up camping gear for the hunting trip, or strap on a surfboard to catch some waves. Whatever your next adventure may be, be sure to check out our Accessories store to find what you need to enjoy the outdoors more.


Sizes may vary between models. Depending on your riding style, Big Cat has the perfect ebike for you. Sizes vary between 20"-26"s wheels. 


Tires on Big Cat Ebikes may vary between Kenda or the more popular Chaoyang brand. The Chaoyang brand has its roots in the tire industry in China since 1958. Now owned by the parent company ZC Rubber, Chaoyang entered the global bicycle market in early 2000. Since then Chaoyang has offered a line of premium tires that range from a variety of different applications such as motorcycles, automobiles, light trucks, trucks, ATV, and trailers.

In 2017 Chaoyang became one of the top 10 tire manufacturers in the world and is a key player in the Asian market.

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