5 Reasons you should wear a helmet while riding your ebike or bicycle in 2019

5 Reasons you should wear a helmet while riding your ebike or bicycle in 2019

The electric vehicle industry is exploding around the world! Across the entire industry consumers are getting greater access to not only electric cars, but electric scooters, skateboards, electric bikes, and many more modes of transportation. And, with that growth and new technology more and more people are using alternate means of transportation which means more people will eventually be by your side during your daily commute on those bike lanes or roads.

Take these top reasons for wearing a helmet into consideration the next time you get on your bike and save yourself "a headache".

1. Safety

Along with the introduction of "Auto-piloted" and "driver-less" cars, the cycling industry has seen growth in the electric bike market. Electric bikes, in comparison to traditional bikes, generally help riders reach and maintain higher speeds. Couple that with the booming electric scooter share programs across major cities around the world and you have a recipe for disaster when taking into account that there will always be at least one reckless rider or driver around you.

The best thing any rider can do is put on a helmet when he or she is riding in high traffic areas. A Helmet, although not the most fashionable thing to wear, will protect riders from serious brain, head or face injuries. Possibly even death. The added benefit is, if you can save your head, face or brain from any injuries, then you will most likely not need to be rushed to an emergency room, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

2. Become more visible to drivers

Because drivers are already distracted by too many things, it is ideal for cyclists to take extra precautionary measures to become more visible to drivers around them. If a driver can see you from further away, it increases the chances for that driver to avoid collision with you and to stay alert when approaching or passing. Wearing a bright color helmet, or adding reflective tape to the front, back, and sides of the helmet is a great way to become more visible. Adding a reflective or strobe light is a great idea too.

3. It's the Law 🤷🏽‍♂️

Check with your state and local governments for state and locals laws regarding cycling and helmets. Most states require anyone under the age of 14 to wear a helmet while operating a bicycle. Many cities, parks and other public places will require anyone of any age to wear a helmet. Riders who do not obey the law can face small to very steep fines.

4. Setting an example for the children

Not only is it a good idea for your own personal safety to wear a helmet. But, you'll also encourage the children of the world to take their own safety seriously. Together we can all help save lives and avoid injuries.

5. Improve your own visibility

Depending on the type of helmet you purchase, your helmet may include a visor. If a visor is not included, one can be added. This can aid in your travels as it will keep the sun out of your eyes, and rain away from your face. Some riders also add lights to their helmets as a supplement to any lights they may already have to see better at night.


If you're worried about the fashion side of things, that's okay. We often worry about how silly we may look with a helmet on. However, that doesn't always have to to be the case. Get creative and customize your helmet with fun bright colors, art, stickers and even a mohawk!

helmet mohawk

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And here's a bit more motivation. Our friend Jimmy "LOVES HELMETS!"


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