$ 20.88

Brand: Tandem NY


When you're on a Big Cat electric bicycle you'll be sure to reach higher speeds than a traditional bicycle. With that being said, chances of the wind flowing your skirt upwards are increased. The Tandem NY Clothing dress skirt weight is an ideal accessory for those riders who like to ride in style and wear skirts, sundresses, or dresses. Don't feel embarrassed to ride in your dress or worried, the Tandem NY Clothing skirt weight "holds you down" literally. :p

  • A clip that keeps flowy skirts from flowing too high while you bike
  • Tames your flowy skirt at breezy parties, walking down gusty streets, waiting on windy subway platforms or riding your Vespa
  • Secures wide leg pants & billowy tops while biking
  • Holds together scarves, wraps, and beach sarongs any time
  • Keeps handbag straps together to prevent slipping while biking or walking