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LUMOS Matrix Helmet

LUMOS Matrix Helmet

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Prevention equals safety: unleash a new level of safety. Our helmets are designed to make you highly visible and your actions predictable. Leave nothing to chance.

Dynamic Lighting: It’s just science, having dynamic lighting at eye level dynamites your safety to new heights.

Turn signals: No surprises! Let other motorists know your intentions by using the built-in turn signals.

Automatic Brake Lights: Slowing down? Let everyone behind you know with the automatic brake lights.

Customize and make it your own: With a fully addressable 7x11 dot-matrix display on the back, you can create your own animations and really stand out on the road.

Be seen, from all around: Relax and ride knowing that we always ensure 360 degree visibility on all our helmets. Cover all angles and eliminate risk.

LUMOS, a seriously bright idea.

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