$ 349.00



With an electric bicycle the chances of you exploring places you thought you can never explore, are now possible. Taking on a variety of different terrains with ease and going longer distances are all part of the package. Close your eyes and think of this scenario. You're riding your Big Cat Electric Bicycle down a dirt path that eventually leads you to a big lake with crystal clear water. The path is bumpy, and has plenty of hills, but its manageable. The scenery is breathtaking and you wish it can last forever. What if it can? Capturing your moments is how its possible!

With the Cycliq Fly12 you can capture all your adventures on a 1080p Quality camera that also features a 400 lumen light so you don't have to run wires and batteries to your bicycle. The Cycliq Fly12 also acts as an alarm system that alerts you and makes a sound when your bicycle is tampered with.

  • Front facing 1080p action camera and 400 lumen light combination
  • Looping video and 1 button footage protection ensures you never miss the action
  • Multiple lighting modes available including flashing, solid, pulse & off
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life when in camera only mode
  • Nano technology means you can use the camera rain, shine or snow
  • Fly12 connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth and WiFi allowing you to adjust your settings and more
  • Connect your Fly12 to the CycliqPlus App to view and edit your videos
  • Overlay Strava metrics onto the video right from your iPhone for instant sharing
  • Add tramlines to your footage showing lawful passing distance from your bike
  • Fly12 comes equiped with incident protection so if you are unable to save your footage after a nasty incident, Fly12 will protect the important footage for you
  • Powerful security alarm feature detects movement when parked
  • Includes a 16GB microSD class 10 memory card pre-installed and charging cable