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$ 49.99

One of the most heart breaking things you can experience as a kid is having your bicycle stolen. However, even as an adult, having your bike stolen can also be heart breaking. If bulky locks and Insurance are not enough to put your mind at ease when riding around with your Big Cat Electric Bicycle, there is one small thing that can make a world a difference. This tiny bluetooth tracker by "Tile App" can help keep track of your E-bike. The way it works is, it creates a ring of up to 90 Decibels if you're within a 100 foot bluetooth range. If you log in to the app, the Tile will notify you of the last known location of your electric bike. If its been stolen, you can ask the community of Tile users to keep an eye out for your bike. Once you're alert gets sent out and your bicycle comes within a certain distance of another Tile user, you will receive a notification of the whereabouts of your Big Cat.

This little bluetooth tracker is a hot item! If you wish to have one of our technicians install this item on your Big Cat in a safe and discreet location of the bicycle you can add the bluetooth tracker to your order. However if you have already purchased an e bike by Big Cat, and would like to get your hands on one of these, give us a call at 631 285 2298 and speak with a technician for step by step instructions on where, and how to install the tile and set up the app.

Don't need it for your bike? No problem, your individual purchase of the tile through our online store does not mean you're obligated to use it on our bikes. You can use the Tile app just about anywhere, and on anything!!